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1xBet Code Promo –; 1xTOTO


12 exactly, in the case of 1xTOTO: you have to bet on the outcome of 12 matches de football, which are generally difficult to predict (often, but not only, lower level matches).

Welcome Bonus

To win most of the reward 1xTOTO, it is imperative to correct the 12 results. Gardez à l’;esprit qu’;there are different 1xTOTO daily. For it is not too difficult, the site allows reward 8 good predictions. We will gradually introduce the gains of reward 1xTOTO:

  • 9 correct predictions will give you 250 rewards
  • And finally, 12 correct predictions will save you the great reward 12000.
  • 8 correct predictions will give you 100 rewards
  • 11 correct predictions will give you 5000 rewards
  • 10 good predictions give you 1000 rewards


1xBet promo code = Other (1xbet) bonus

The 1xbet paris sports site offers many rewards, we will present a small part. Note: 1xbet offers players an extra assets (Promotion code) the day of their birthday. Be active and 1xbet players wish you a happy birthday. Moreover, we will now be two rules for bridges rewarding websites:


  • When five games are canceled a bet that includes several (in particular the totos), 1xbet cancels the bet and pays you.
  • Lorsqu’;a coordinate is canceled, in paris involving several events (the Totos, in particular), The betting continues with games remaining.


obviously, il y a d’;Other possibilities for TOTO paris: toto-15, where the bettor must be the result of 15 results (three more than the 1xTOTO); TOTO accurate score, or, comme le nom de l’;enfant l’;indicated, the matching score to be found; TOTO ice hockey, where from 2 scores rectified, you can earn a reward; or resumes ball from the tray TOTO, where you can win a few selections on four good results (a total of 9).

Battle 1xBet coupon


With this award, appelée “;Bet slip fight”; in English, players can earn nearly 1000 euros. For that, Just place a bet, combined or not, which has a size of between 30,00 and 501,00. high probability, therefore, great gains, on success.


1xBet = Handset day

Dans l’;option “;Combiné du jour”;, 1xbet offers, every day, several affiliations Paris. It Equal (combined) you choose is a winner, the website increases your score 10%, which effectively increases your winnings.

equal précoce


Bettors have little credit on your account are eligible for this award, which comprises conditions: you have to bet on 2 paris “;incertains”; (therefore with high ratings) 1xbet and then offers another bet, free. But to get the reward, bet wins if the other, vos deux premiers paris “;douteux”; should also be winners. Ce n’;is not easy, but perhaps remunerative.


1xbet code promo


For this award, you have to bet every day, for five days, in the same event to see that you are paid, to a maximum of 40 euros (about).

Star Jackpot

1xbet live


Every day, you have the opportunity to compete for the Star Jackpot reward. To get the most out of the game, simply follow the standard guidelines Site 1xbet, generally different, to win the jackpot, which also changes daily. 1xbet seems to reward loyal players, playing every day.

1xBet Assurance of equal 100%

Let's take an example : you bet an amount of 10 euros on a bet with odds at 1.8. You want to make 100 % two equal. 1xbet offers you insurance costs 5 euros. You accept, your account is debited 5 euros. If this bet wins, the amount of gain (18 euros) you will be fully paid. If you lose, your 10 Euros will be returned because the whole was edited (100 % from 10 euros). You have lost, therefore, 5 euro in the case, instead of 10.


  • To note : a bet can be assured several times, with different percentages.

on 1xbet, can ensure his bet, fully or partially. This is a paid service, the cost depends on the current rating of the insured event (rating that may evolve over time). There are some conditions, namely :

  • If the bet loses, the insured party of the last (which may be partial or total) will be refunded.

Let's take an example : you can ensure first 10%, then 30%, then 50% of an equal (the total amount of insurance can not exceed 100% the setting).

  • To know : the cost of insurance will obviously vary depending on developments odds.

1xbet award in Cameroon


Au 1xbet cameroon, c’;est la même chose qu’;en Côte d’;Ivory, et dans d’;other countries: reward 100% filed in the limit of 100 euros (or in the currency area). Il existe d’;other rewards available in the country, such as reward 1xrace, Star Jackpot you 1xtoto.

1xbet Award in Senegal


En Côte d’;Ivory, les frais d’;registration are 100% dans la limite d’;a deposit of 100 euros (or in the currency area). D’;Other prizes are also available, tels que l’;anniversary of the award, la récompense du vendredi chanceux et “;Wednesday: nous multiplions la norme 2”; or accept the award mentioned above.

Reward for lost paris: fitness 500 € with the promotion code 1XBet

by link

If you lose, Do not worry. 1XBet vous rembourse jusqu’;at 500 € free of paris 20 paris consecutive losers.

The amount of the reward varies depending on the number of paris you played:

  • 100 € for paris ≥ 2 €
  • 250 € for paris ≥ 5 €
  • 500 € for paris ≥ 10 €

subtlety, unlike the welcome reward payment is automatic, vous devriez les contacter par email standard via data [email protected] sans oublier d’;indiquer dans l’;objet de votre message “;Série de Losers de Paris”;.


Cette récompense ne comprend que les paris simples et combinés d’;at least 2 € whose dimensions are less than or equal to 3,00.

TOTO paris, ;chaîne”; et “;système”; are not eligible, as well as single and combination forecasts with a higher rating 3,00.